80 Series LHD ARB Twin Air Compressor Kit



The Torfab ARB Twin Compressor bracket is a clean Firewall mount for any LHD 80 series. The mount is heavy duty 10g steel and powder coated for a long lasting finish.

If you are running Dual Batteries you will need to relocate your washer bottle with a universal washer bottle. Email us for info on sourcing this.

Add a ARB compressor kit and you will get everything you need to have air on demand and be able to add lockers later if wanted. Kit includes:

  • ARB Twin Air Compressor
  • ARB Manifold Kit
  • ARB Pump Up kit


  • Additional Information

    Add ARB Compressor Kit

    Add ARB Twin Compressor and Air Up Kit – 12v, Add ARB Twin Compressor and Air Up Kit – 24v, Just the Bracket

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