Torfab Gen V GM V8 LT Adapter


We will be offering this as a kit which will allow you to bolt in a 6.2/5.3L LT motor into an 80 series in the factory engine mount location without any modifications to the drivelines or need for welding on the Toyota frame. With out adapter kit you keep the engine/trans into the stock frame brackets and stock t-case crossmember, and also allows the stock drivelines to be used. This simplifies your engine placement and location mounting with out needing to worry about drivelines and make it a bolt in process.

The kit will include:

  • *  OEM Toyota Engine Mounts
  • *  Engine mount adapter brackets (mounts to the LT motor and allows Toyota 80 series engine mounts to bolt in factory frame location)
  • *  Torfab Adapter for the GM Trans to HF2A/HF2AV transfer case
  • *  Transmission shifter linkage (this will adapt the 8/10 speed transmission to your stock 80 Transmission Shift Lever (P-R-N-D-2-L)
  • *  Transfer case shifter adapter bracket. (This bracket allows you to mount the early 80 transfer shift lever to the GM transmission in the stock location without modifying the body.)

The kit will require the following:

  • Early 80 (91-94) transfer case shifter base (retainer and shaft). If you have a 95-97 you will need to source this part.  PN: 36344-60021
  • *  Factory adapter/extension housing from A343 transmission 1995-1997 and 6 mounting bolts (this can be used from old drivetrain or source a used one). PN: 35015-60070
  • *  GM LT Motor L83/ L84/ L86/ L87
  • *  Factory GM 4WD 8 or 10 speed transmission (8L90 or 10L80/90)
  • *  HF2A and HF2AV Transfer case

This kit will not have:

  • *  Electrical components or support around how to get your conversion to work. As a small shop we focus on producing parts that will aid in completing a conversion project and producing high quality Land Cruiser conversions. Due to this we are not able to field questions around electrical/wiring components or programming for conversions.

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    Weight 400 oz
    Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in
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