Torfab FJ62 LED Headlight Kit


The headlights on a FJ62 leave many owners.. in the dark. Wanting to find a better solution Tor has ordered and tested countless sets from overseas until he found a set a that met the following criteria:

Quality construction, DOT Approved beam pattern, and price that won’t break the bank. These feature polycarbonate lenses and aluminum housings.


A set of 4 lights consists of:  4 Lights (2 low beam and relays and 2 high beams)


Plug and play install involves removing old lights and adding in the provided ground switch into the factory connectors. In order to get the high beam indicator to work an additional step of splicing in a load resistor is needed as shown in the video.

Watch our Install video on our YouTube Channel HERE. You can also see our tech thread on IH8Mud HERE. Remember to aim your lights after your install!

If you want to purchase a load resistor like the one in the video you will need one that is 50w 6 ohm like this one.

In order to add the all 4 lights on Low option. Order a kit like this and put into the plug leaving the ground switch and that will allow both headlights to plug into the provided ground switch.

* 12v systems only. Not compatible with 24v systems. *Photos shared by Cade Lucero


FJ62 LED Headlight Install Instructions

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