ARB Twin Air Compressor 12v


Hands down the best compressor and value for the money. We run these in all our trucks for lockers and filling up tires. Don’t have compressor envy that first time you need to fill up next to your buddy.

  • 100% duty cycle and double the capacity of the ARB Compressor, Single Motor 12V (PN: CKMA12) for $200 more.
  • Sealed for moisture and dust resistance
  • Hard anodized cylinder bores for reduced friction
  • Teflon impregnated carbon fiber piston seals for maximum trouble free life
  • anodized mounting bracket dissipates heat
  • Integrated pressure switch, relays and IP55 (waterproof/dustproof) brushless fan cools electronics, motors and cylinder heads
  • Over-pressure safety valve equipped
  • On-board model available in either a 12V or 24V configuration
  • Designed for inflating Tires and air locker activation when used in conjunction with optional accessories.
  • Suitable for many air tools when used in conjunction with a 4L air tank (optional with on-board models)

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  • Additional Information

    Weight 21.3 oz
    Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 in
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