60 Series: 80 Series Front Axle Conversion Kit


If you’re trying to avoid doing a full 80 series frame replacement, and want a legal way to get 80 series axles under your 60 series cruiser, this is the kit you need to make it happen.  These brackets are keyed to locations on your frame, and after welding them on you can bolt a factory 80 series front axle to your 60 series truck.  Torfab also has remote reservoir shocks that are custom tuned to the application for $1196 for a set of 2 from Radflo.

You will need:
– 80 Series Front Axle (94-97 bigger knuckle and larger front brakes)
– 80 Front Radius Arms (48610-60022) need 2
– 80 Front Panhard Bar
– 80 Series Pitman Arm
-80 Series bump stops
– 80 Series Frame Side Steering stabilizer mount. (You will need to drill one hole and nut and bolt) 45721-60080
-80 series steering stabilizer
– Front driveline or flanges. Change 80 pinion flange  or get a custom drive line)
– AISIN Hubs or AVM’s selectable hubs for 80 series front axle.
-80 series coils: You can use whatever you want but 96-97 LX ride softer and are the go-to for us.
-Custom brake hardlines are needed to move the union toa single drop on the passenger side.
-Custom soft lines from the frame to the axle.
This kit does not include any tech support, professionals only. Failure to have a professional installer familiar with can have tragic consequences at worst and chasing death wobble at best. We strongly recommend having a shop do this who designs or installs custom suspension set-ups. Shops who have installed these kits are: WellSorted & Cruiser Matts Offroad,
Call or email us for more info and to order. Price is $1890 
206-659-8677      info@torfab.com

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    Add Shocks

    Add Custom Radflo Shocks, Add OME Shocks, No Shocks, Just the Suspension kit

    Add Axle Rebuild Parts

    Add Axle Rebuild kit with Wheel bearings, Marlin Eco Seals, and 555 TRE's, No Rebuild/Service Parts

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