LT Adapter Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled many of the questions customers have had around this swap to try and provide the best overview of how our adapter will assist you in your swap. 


Is there a specific power steering bracket kit you would recommend? I know some (most?) 5th gens are electric. has some good options for that, as well as the harness and computer programming


I assume this retains the factory trans crossmember?

This bolts to the factory crossmember, and also retains the stock drivelines


Is there a specific 2wd/4wd transmission required?

Any 8 or 10 speed 4wd transmission will work with our kit.  We have 2 bolt patterns to clock the transfer case a few degrees. We typically pre-set these for the customer to help prevent confusion.


Will I need to modify my drivelines? Any oil pan mods, driveshaft shortening/lengthening, etc.

As long as you use a Gen 5 engine from a truck or SUV you are good. and also retains the stock drivelines


I assume I’ll need to source 5th gen tight fitting headers. Any recs?

You should use the truck or SUV manifolds that come with your donor engine


Are you pretty confident in availability?

We have kits in stock, but can’t say it will be available if a bunch of people order them at once.



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