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With an ARB recovery kit and recovery essentials, you have the peace of mind of carrying a purpose-built recovery bag filled with a selection of items that will come in handy the next time you get stuck. ARB also has recovery essentials to suit every situation and a selection of different sized bags to ensure that your equipment is easy to store and accessible when you need it.

The updated ARB Recovery kits sports a new heavy-duty PVC outer shell and modernized colors. The 600gsm PVC outer provides a rugged exterior that is perfect for recovery situations because it makes cleaning easier and helps keep the bag and its contents from getting damp. Additional updates include named compartments within the bag to keep vital vehicle recovery equipment in its place and on-hand should the need arise, #10 SBS zippered top, and improved carry handles.


The Essentials Recovery Kit contains everything you need to get off-road, including a tree trunk protector, snatch strap, bow shackles and snatch block.


  • 17,600 lbs snatch strap (ARB705LB)  featuring genuine 20% stretch, 100% nylon, and made with reinforced eyes
  • 26,000 lbs tree trunk
  • 19,800 lbs snatch block
  • Snatch pack storage bag
  • Two 4.75T bow shackles
  • Leather Recovery gloves

The Prem Recovery Kit contains everything you in the Essiantials Kit but adds the following

  • 9,900 lbs winch extension strap(ARB720LB)
  • Recovery damper (ARB220)
  • Larger recovery bag (ARB501A)

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